| Molly Sez
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Today I was picking up the pieces of another shredded toy spread all over the living room.

I asked Molly why she always rips her toys apart.

She looked baffled. “What’s the point of hunting them if I don’t kill them?”

“Well, you’re not exactly hunting them or killing them.” 

“Ohhhhh, some of these toys can be tricky, and really hard to kill.” 

“But if you tear them up, then you don’t have them anymore.” 

“Yes, I do.” She said, “you get me another one.”

“What if I didn’t get you another one?” 

“But it’s in your nature to get me toys. You get me a toy, and I kill it. It is our purpose. Besides”, she confided, “if you didn’t give me toys, I’d kill your shoes.” 

She’s right, of course. It is in our nature. I buy her toys, and she kills them. It is the natural order of things. And I’d rather pick up pieces of toys than pieces of shoes.


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