| Molly Sez
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

“Molly, I can’t find your belly button.” 

“What makes you think I have a belly button?”

“I dunno. Because you are a mammal?”

“Well, you know what they say about assumptions.” She grinned.

“Did you know that in Yiddish we call it a pupik?”

“Of course, dad, I was raised in a Jewish enclave in Brooklyn.” She looked down her nose at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, well. What happened to ‘speaking multiple languages shows good breeding’? Huh?”

“Yes, it does, but Yiddish? Really? Give me a break. Who speaks Yiddish anymore? Nu? Chaval al hazman!

Um, yeah.


Ah-NET-teh said...

Has Molly watched Unorthodox on Netflix? She might enjoy it!

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