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Wednesday, March 17, 2021
This morning at breakfast I asked Molly what her plans were for the day.

“Well”, she said, “there’s nothing really on the calendar.” She paused and lapped her tea thoughtfully. “I suspect I’ll run, play, chew on a bone, dig, sniff…”

“No! No digging!” I growled. “You’re a dig-a-holic. No digging!”

“Oh. Yes daddy. No digging.” She looked downcast. “Since I can’t dig, I’ll probably dog your steps all over the house until you take me to the park, where I’ll run, play, sniff things, catch up on the news… yah know. Otherwise,” she took another sip of tea, “I’ll probably nap a lot.”

“Sounds like a Molly day!”

“You betcha. It’s a Molly day. It’s a Molly day today.”


Ah-NET-teh said...

I am a bit concerned that Molly is sipping tea. Hopefully it's herbal. But how can she sip given her snout/lip situation? Hrrm... Sometimes this blog doesn't seem realistic!

Andrew Sigal said...

@An-NET-teh; Sorry, I guess I was anthropomorphizing a bit when I transcribed our conversation. I should probably have said "slurped."

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