| Molly Sez
Monday, December 21, 2020
At breakfast this morning, Molly said she wanted me to get her an “abdominizer.”

“Why on earth do you want one of those?” I asked her.

“Because I want eight-pack abs.” She looked deeply serious.

“What are eight-pack abs?”

“They’re like six-pack abs, but better.”

“Why would you want six or eight-pack abs???”

“So I’ll be ripped for bikini season.” She said with a completely straight face.

“Have you been watching the Home Shopping Network again? I’m gonna have to hide that remote.”

“But daaaadyyyyyy! If I want to look totally bitchin’ on the beach next summer, I have to start right now!

“You don’t need to look ‘ripped’ or, ahem, ‘bitchin’’, for bikini season. You are plenty sleek and strong and beautiful right now. In fact, you get more exercise than any three people I know.”

“But daaaadyyyyy!

“I tell you what, ask me again tomorrow. If you still want an ‘abdominizer’ we can talk about getting you one then.”

That should take care of that! When in doubt, rely on your dog’s ADD.


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