| Molly Sez
Monday, December 14, 2020
“Molly, why do you poop so often?” I asked her on a recent walk.

“Daddy. Please. Again, I am a dog, that doesn’t mean I know how dogs function. Do you know how your digestive system works!?!?”

“Well, yes.” I admitted, “Actually, I do.”

“Sure, but someone told you how your digestive systems works, right? You don’t innately know how it works.”

“Hmmmm. ‘Innately’. That’s a big word for you”


“OK. Fine, I don’t innately know how my digestive system works.”

“Right. So, please, I don’t know how dogs function. I am a puppy. I know how to run, jump, play, dig, take pads of post-it notes from your desk, and lick your face. I don’t know why I poop as often as I do.”


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