| Molly Sez
Monday, November 30, 2020
"Hey Molly, is there some way that we could harness all the static electricity your fur produces?"

"Seriously, daddy? Seriously? I'm a philosopher, not a physicist."

"Did you know that once upon a time physicists were known as 'natural philosophers'?"

"Um. I'm also not a historian."

"I never get that right. Is it 'a' historian, or 'an' historian."

"I'm also not an English teacher."

"Do you mean you're not a 'grammarian'?"

"Like I said, not an English teacher."

"Oh well. Anyway, it's a pity about not being able to harness the energy of your fur. Talk about a renewable resource!"

"Yup." She yawned. "That's a pity alright." 


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