| Molly Sez
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
This morning, at breakfast, Molly asked me, "Dad, why do you tell everyone about our conversations?"

"Because its fun. Our conversations are funny. I think other people might enjoy them."

"Hmmmmm." She paused. "Well, I guess its OK since no one actually reads anything you write. But, if this ever becomes popular, we’ll have to discuss it again."


Ah-NET-teh said...

Are you kidding, Molly? Whenever I go to my email with trepidation and see an installment of this series, I smile and read it and my anxiety dissipates. I've read every one! (P.S. Kiwi says "Hi" and "Aren't our parents weird? Mine doesn't like it when I talk to her all day at the top of my airsacs!"

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